Dock 45

This modular club/bar explores the possibility of using the expression of containers without actually using any. The seemingly stacked up containers on the outside, give way to a large open courtyard upon entrance. It is through this courtyard, that people view the musical acts from various levels. The outer skin of corrugated metal sheet breaks intermittently into glass, to offer wonderful views of the park opposite. The lighting is used as an architectural element to distinguish the place from a neighborhood bar on the weekdays, to a vibrant club on the weekends. This character is achieved by keeping the interiors mostly white with the only pop being the lights and certain pre-designed elements. Salvaged parts from broken ships, sea-life imprints on concrete, parametric fins on walls mimicking sea waves are some of the components that make up the subtle interiors of an otherwise loud theme.


9800 sft






Santhosh Kandanala


LINK Studio