Free Flow Junction

The odd pizza slice shaped piece of land is located in the heart of Hi-tech city, in Hyderabad. The metro pillars and the looming rail bridge suspended above the roads here recently dominated and cluttered the atmosphere of what was here. The theme evolved was thus the oldest notion of immediate nostalgia for any Indian: The Indian railways. The place to be designed on this site had to be an introverted solution to counter the chaos outside. The frontage is from an easily accessible by-lane, away from the chaotic main center. The entry is through a fabricated goods bogie under a cantilevered balcony. Upon entrance, one is led onto a linear platform. The two east and west walls are painted to resemble a typical train, complete with windows and name boards, similar to the ones on a typical Indian passenger train. Station name boards become the main brand signage here. A rail track runs the length of the central double height area covered by toughened glass. This visually leads into to a tunnel like opening of brickwork at the farther end. Primary colors pop up over a neutral palette of concrete floor, exposed bricks, earthy tiles and dark metal. Graffiti by a local artist is littered all around the place. The furniture is all eclectic, a mix of industrial and traditional.


7000 sft






Santhosh Kandanala


LINK Studio