Free Flow Traffic Bar

The rise of coffee shops dominated the culture scene in Hyderabad for about ten years up till now. The rapid growth of Hyderabad as a metro; saw the quick rise of influence of the youth by other neighboring cities. A conscious attempt was made at the initial conceptualization itself; to bring back the environment of the old Irani bistros that used to flank the city. The site faces north, with a breathtaking view of a national park; opposite the road it sits on. The challenge was to plan the seating on both floors in such a way that everyone gets an uninterrupted view of the park. The mezzanine floor added on to the terrace is a complete metal structure ending with a ten foot cantilever. Everything that composes the urban-scape of the city, contributes to the majority of the material palette of this bar; like exposed brick, red painted metal sheets and pipes, exposed concrete, checkered metal sheet, polished packing wood, corrugated metal and glass. No street scape is complete without its fair share of street art. Collaboration with local artists made it possible to craft out graffiti and installations; reminiscent of vintage pop culture.


4700 sft






Santhosh Kandanala


Abhinav Sagar