Garden Organic Cafe

A prototype kiosk was to be designed, of a popular health food brand; so it could be replicated at a smaller scale, throughout the country; in large malls and corporate offices. This was to be designed within a limited space of 8X14 feet. The two visible sides are divided into a grid of 5X3 and 3X3 squares respectively. Each of these squares form or become a function of this food kiosk; stools, table, magazine rack, menu display, planters, television, branding. The idea of opening up and closing a box challenges the static character of the general food kiosk model. Reprocessed metal for framing, perforated packing wood made from residue timber, red laminate, glass and paint make up the entire material palette. A local artist was commissioned to paint some of these squares with minimal graphics representing the brand.


112 sft






Subbhulakshmi Mehalingam


LINK Studio