MGB Office

Tasked with repurposing an existing concrete framed structure on-site into an Auto dealership office headquarter, we focused on design elements that could optimize the building’s climate responsiveness. An important consideration for us was the details of the assemblage and the appearance of the screening system on the facade. Meanwhile, the main workspaces are organized in a typical, hierarchical manner, spread across the 4 floors. The balconies are populated with easy-maintenance plants and create a juxtaposition of green plants and yellow-orange screens behind them. All the openings are operable making the balcony accessible from all the workspaces, enabling the opportunity to open the windows for cross ventilation. The MGB headquarters transcends the most common approaches to deal with Hyderabad’s heat, and offers a method for passive cooling that benefits its occupants and as importantly, challenges the typical glass box typology of the office building.


7000 sft




Anusha Dasari




Monika Sathe Photography