The Bridge House

The client wanted a house, which reflected his lifestyle; to be minimal yet experiential, modern yet rooted. With the clear need for architectural introversion, the house is planned to wrap around a large north court. Most of the house looks into this court with a particular definitive experience. Either through a window while walking over a bridge or sitting in a glass box reading a book; the awareness of the court is always present. Climatologically, the house is designed to absorb the best and purge the uncomfortable. The exterior spells minimalism with its clean lines and simple form- a mix of planes, projections and voids. As one enters the house, the visual axis is lead through the court between the bedrooms at the back, and beyond; by a hanging bridge of the first floor, which is the crux of this building. A local artist was commissioned to create the metal birds flying to reach the sky between the bedrooms. Internally, the challenge was to convey a sense of richness through a limited palette of materials; complimenting the simplistic, spacious planning. All these materials form a cohesive mix, against the backdrop of the major material; the lush green landscape.


7000 sft






Alonum Design


Santhosh Kandanala, Kattela Vivek, Uday Anand